Our Services


Dirt Free

To keep your home or office dirt free, we offer these services

Air Duct Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Mold Cleaning
House Cleaning
Trauma/Bio Cleaning

We handled the general cleaning to the specialized cleaning. we clean what your house cleaner cleans and much more. Feel free to give us a call.


For those who are no longer able to do any cleaning due to a disability or physical complications, we offer our deep cleaning service. Our Deep cleaning service includes a general cleaning service.

The process of removing all the dust in the corners, windows, ceilings
Cleaning inside bookcases, cabinets, ovens and refrigerators
Polishing counters and appliances

Such process can be executed by our certified technicians with the use of some innovative cleaning tools. Purple Ribbon cleaning service in Atlanta is not limited to just simple housecleaning. We also provide carpet cleaning and pest control.



Purple Ribbon cleaning services well also leave your house pest free. We can eliminate your pest problem by getting rid of the cause of the problem. Our staff has over 20 years experience in Pest Control. We have developed cleaning practices that will also rid your home of pests. Our cleaning practices are effective against General pests, wood destroying organisms, human host pets(bedbugs,fleas,and mites). most exterminators only use sprays, Bates, and powders to get rid of pests. this only treats the symptoms. we at purple ribbon cleaning service solve the problem by locating the cause of the problem and developing a solution to get rid of it.

General Pest Treatment
Wood Destroying organism treatment
(Termites, Carpenter Ants and wood decaying fungi “mold”)
Mosquito Control
Human Host Pest Treatment
(Fleas and bedbugs)


Purple Ribbon cleaning service is a full-service cleaning and restoration company. Our staff is trained and First Response flood and fire remediation primarily. We don`t receive a lot of flood and Fire restoration calls so we offer professional cleaning as a service in addition to Pest Control and carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning. These Services we offer are different aspects of the flood and fire remediation service that we are certified in. That’s why we say we provide every service from Flood Restoration two basic professional cleaning and all points in between.

Fire Restoration
Flood Restoration
Trauma Cleaning

No need to call 3 different companies to complete one job. At Purple Ribbon you full service by certified and trained staff who takes pride in getting the training needed to do the job right. “Competency creates quality” is our motto.


Here Is How We Can Help

The Purple Ribbon Cleaning service of Purple Ribbon becomes more reliable and satisfying because of the presence of pest control services in its additional benefits. Such service was designed to provide excellent solutions for the presence of several insects and pests in the rooms and exterior part of a house. The service includes the use of some chemicals that are proven effective when it comes to the process of eliminating the tiny and dangerous insects that are entering the houses in Atlanta. So these are the things that the resident of Atlanta can expect from Purple Ribbon cleaning service. Try it now and witness its one hundred percent efficiency.