Pest Control Service -No individual in this world wants to suffer from insect bites and allergies, that’s why our staff is certified and trained in (IPM) Integrated Pest Management and Prevention. No need to call another company in to rid your home or office of pest while we’re on the scene. Because we are already cleaning the areas where pest live breed and hide, for a small fee we can provide a service to prevent them from making your home or office their home.

General Pest Treatment
Wood Destroying organism treatment
(Termites, Carpenter Ants and wood decaying fungi “mold”)
Mosquito Control
Human Host Pest Treatment
(Fleas and bedbugs)

Here Is How We Can Help

The Purple Ribbon Cleaning service of Purple Ribbon becomes more reliable and satisfying because of the presence of pest control services in its additional benefits. Such service was designed to provide excellent solutions for the presence of several insects and pests in the rooms and exterior part of a house. The service includes the use of some chemicals that are proven effective when it comes to the process of eliminating the tiny and dangerous insects that are entering the houses in Atlanta. So these are the things that the resident of Atlanta can expect from Purple Ribbon cleaning service. Try it now and witness its one hundred percent efficiency.